Have you started with the CG Method or do you want to start? In the beginning it can all be quite difficult because there are so many CG products available for your curls. How do you start? and with which products can you start easily and well? and which cg products do you need at all to get started? In this blog we take you along, we briefly explain all the steps for the cg method. In this blog we will discuss the basics of washing your hair (part 1). 

The Basics: Which CG Products Do You Need?

  1. You need CG products to wash your hair 
  2. You need CG Products to care for your curls (Blog part 2)
  3. You still have CG Products to style your hair (Blog part 3)
What do you need?

In this blog we will discuss washing your hair. You can use different products for washing:

  • CG Shampoo
  • CG Conditioner
  • CG Co Wash
  • Final Wash
  • Pre-Poo

Wash your hair with the CG Method

Wash your hair with a cg shampoo for curls, conditioner or co-wash? Basically it is useful to have at least a shampoo and a conditioner at home. With these 2 you at least know that you can remove dust, dirt and excess oil and hair products with the shampoo. After a shampoo you use a conditioner. With a CG conditioner your hair cuticles close again. 

Do you want to start with the CG Method?

Then we recommend a final wash in addition to a CG Shampoo. A final wash is a shampoo that contains sulfates. You use the shampoo once to properly remove all leftovers from your old products. For example, you also use the shampoo if you regularly dye your hair or accidentally used a non-CG product.  

How often should you wash your hair?
We often get this question. We believe that your wishes play a major role in this. For example, do you work in a dusty environment or do you exercise a lot? Then you will probably want to wash your hair more often. We do recommend that you do not use the shampoo several times a week. Choose what works for you. More information about which products you can use if you want to wash more often? Or more information about the amount of washing? View the blog here: How often to wash your hair within the CG Method. 

Which CG Shampoo is suitable for my curls?

There are different types of shampoos: clarifying and mild shampoos. A clarifying shampoo cleans more strongly than a mild shampoo. Are you starting with the CG Method? Then you can start with a mild shampoo. Do you want a stronger cleaner? Then you can in the cg shampoo collection filter on a clarifying (stronger cleansing) shampoo. With each shampoo we tell you whether it suits your curl type and texture. Do you need light products? Then you can also select that in the cg shampoo collection. The same goes for the conditioners! It is often advisable to purchase the conditioner from the brand and line of shampoo that you want to buy. 
Do you have bleached or gray hair? Then take a look at the silver shampoo & care collection! 

CG Conditoner

A conditioner helps your hair to make it soft again. After using a shampoo, a conditioner or deep conditioner can make your hair cuticles close again. A conditioner is useful to use because it prevents tangles in the hair. You can also brush your hair if there is a conditioner in your hair. Focus on the lengths of hair with a conditioner, avoiding application to the scalp. How much conditioner you need for your curls differs per person, try to experiment with this by using a little more one time and a little less the other time. In any case, make sure that all lengths of hair are well covered with the conditioner. 

In addition to the standard shampoo and conditioner for curls, there are also other cg products that can help your curls during washing. 

CG Methode Pre-Poo 

Pre-poo, it sounds a bit crazy but as a curly girl a pre-poo is definitely worth a try. A pre-poo is short for pre-shampoo. So, you use a pre-poo before you wash your hair. A pre-poo provides shinier, healthier and less frizzy hair and extra moisture. So win-win-win! You can do a pre-poo with different products, such as an oil or a deep conditioner. We recommend using an oil, which you apply to the scalp - massage in - and then let it soak in well. Then apply a shampoo and rinse the pre-poo and shampoo completely. The pre-poo protects your hair during washing, because your hair rubs together and with the pre-poo you have extra protection. Here you can find our pre poos Find and read even more information about this CG product! 

CG Co-wash 

As mentioned earlier, the co-wash a product with which you can wash your hair. A co-wash is useful if you want to wash your hair more often, often exercise or work in an environment where odor can penetrate your hair. There are also many curlies who just really enjoy using it every now and then. In addition to conditioning agents, a co-wash also contains clearing agents. But to a lesser extent than, for example, a CG Shampoo. This means that your hair is cleaned and well cared for at the same time. You can use a co-wash in addition to your CG shampoo and conditioner. In the diagram below we explain how you can do this.  

CG products with or without protein?

Are you already a bit familiar with the CG Method? Then it is important that you have a good balance between moisture and protein. we give you in this blog more information on how to achieve that balance. 

washing schedule

You can use this schedule as a guideline for washing your hair. We have this schedule in this blog further explained. 

 wasschema voor de cg methode


Basically: For washing your curls you need a cg shampoo in cg conditioner necessary. Are you going to start with the CG Method? Then in addition to these 2 articles you can also order a final-wash purchase. 

If you need to wash more often, it is useful to have a cg co-wash to add to your routine. 

Right away pre-poo give your hair extra protection during washing. This makes it shinier, healthier and less frizzy. 

Shopping list: CG Products for laundryn

Our bestsellers for washing your hair? Those are the following! 

Noughty Wave Hello Shampoo

In combination with the Noughty Wave Hello conditioner! Suitable for all curl types and textures! 

Giovanni Root 66 Shampoo
in combination with the root 66 conditioner van GiovanniThese variants (and the brand) are very suitable for all curl types and textures, but also highly recommended for finer hair! 

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