brushes, they come in many different shapes and sizes. Does it matter which one you choose? Yes! And how do you choose the right one? It is important to know what you want to do with the brush. Do you want to use the brush to detangle or improve your curl definition?

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Most people use the Denman Brush D3 of D4† They use this to create nicer curl definition. Do you want to detangle your curls and have thick curly hair? Then it is better to choose a brush with wider rows. As you can see in the blog image, the Denman D4 has multiple rows, which are closer together. Because the rows are closer together, the D4 is suitable for a nicer curl definition. 



Using the Denman Brush can be done in different ways. I use the Denman Brush almost every day. This means that I first wet my hair with the mist spray from Sibel. Then I do leave-in in my hands and put the product in my hair. I usually do this by applying the product per strand just after my scalp up to the ends of the hair. Then I use a gel which I also apply just after my scalp up to the ends of the hair. Then I scrunch my hair. By making bowls of my had and squeezing my curls. When the product is well absorbed, I then grab the Denman Brush. I comb my hair and at the end make a kind of twist upwards. So I tilt the brush upwards at the ends of the hair. See a video below, which I used to learn how the Denman Brush D4 works! 

You can also remove the rows from the brush, so if you think 9 rows are too many, you could choose to remove a number of rows. Tried this, but I'm still a fan of the 9 rows. However, it is important to test this for yourself. Maybe, fewer rows work better for your curls!

Video: How To Use The Denman Brush



I've been using the D4 for a while and can't live without it anymore. So he goes everywhere with you! I have very thick and heavy hair. The brush therefore helps me to create a nicer curl definition. Without the brush, my curls fall out faster.

I'm curious!

Do you want a nicer curl definition and have you become curious about this brush? Then check the product in our webshop! or use the tool to find the right brush.

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