Many people are jealous of curly hair. It is quite difficult to treat curls because your hair is dry and lifeless, for example.

The CG Method

The Curly Girl Method, from Lorraine Massey's book ''Curly Girl: The Handbook is a hair care method. The hair method is especially for people with curly hair. The method prescribes not to shampoo or style your hair with, for example, a hair straightener. For the most beautiful curls, use only conditioner and gel. Many people have already discovered the method and are completely fans of it!


Do not use

For the CG method it is important that you know what is not good for your hair. In any case, avoid the following:

  • Shampoo
  • Straightening and curling irons
  • sulfates
  • silicone
  • Alcohol
  • Scent

Can't live without shampoo? Fortunately, there are other options. For example, a sulphate-free shampoo or also "low-poo shampoo". For example, many people with thinner hair cannot do without shampoo because the hair becomes "greasy" faster. It is important to experiment with your hair to find out if shampoo works for your daily hair routine.


Lorraine Massey's book prescribes a certain hair routine for washing and styling your hair. Of course, the same story also applies here: discover what is best for your hair.

 To wash

Massage your scalp with a (CG) conditioner. How often you should wash your hair mainly depends on the type of curls you have.


Use a shampoo once a week. Always make sure to use a conditioner before and after shampooing.


Wash your hair once a week or every 10 days with water and conditioner.


Wash your hair once a week and treat your hair with water between washing days.

Conditioner/hair mask ''Deep-co''

Divide the hair mask over your entire hair. Depending on the product, you let the product work in. It is important to put a mask in your hair at least once every 10 days or once a week.

Drying and styling

To dry your hair it is important to use a microfibre towel. This towel quickly absorbs the moisture from your hair. Don't have a microfibre towel? Then make sure that you pat your curls dry and do not rub with the towel.

When you have the most moisture from your curls, you can put products in your hair. First use a leave-in and then a gel. Scrub the products in your hair.

CG friendly products

There are an awful lot of CG products. In the following article I will first explain how you can choose the best products for your hair.

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