Everyone has different curls that need different products. To find out which products best suit your hair, it is important to go through the following five hair properties:

  • Hair type
  • Hair structure
  • density
  • Porosity
  • Elasticity

Hair type

To be able to characterize your curls, we can look at the different appearances. In the image below you can see which type fits which curl type. You can also have a combination of two types.

We have not yet determined the characteristics of your hair by typing the curls. We do this by examining the other properties.

hair texture

The density of your hair has nothing to do with how thick or thin your hair is. It has to do with the diameter of each individual hair strand. It is most useful to put your hair next to a piece of yarn. There are three types of density:

  • fine hair
Is thinner than yarn. my hair is the most fragile hair texture. People with fine hair can just have a bunch of hair, because fine hair doesn't mean you have thin hair.
  • medium hair
Is not thinner or thicker than yarn. In addition, it is the most common hair texture. The hair is not as fragile as fine hair. 
  • Coarse hair
Equals the thickness of yarn. Doesn't break down quickly.


    The thickness of your hair can be checked by grabbing a section of your hair and observing the scalp. Can you see your scalp well? Then you have thin hair. Can you see your scalp a little bit? Then you have medium hair. Can you hardly see a scalp? Then you have thick hair.


    The porosity of your hair says something about how well your hair can absorb and retain moisture. This can be genetically determined, but is also often influenced by ingredients of hair products such as heat devices and coloring your hair. It is important to know the porosity of your hair. This will help you choose the right hair products.

    The porosity of your hair is easy to test with the so-called 'Float Test'. Take a few strands of your hair or from a brush and put them in a glass of water. It is important that you perform this test with clean hair (so without product!). Leave the hair in the water for about 2 to 4 minutes. Does the hair float? Then you have a make porosity. Does the hair sink? Then you have a high porosity. Does the hair sink on the first test and float on another test? Then it is quite possible that your porosity medium is. 

    • Low porosity
    With a low porosity it is important that you use products that are water-based as much as possible. You don't absorb products well, which makes you 'build-up' creates. This gives you stiff and straw-like hair. Make sure you protein free products used.
    Preferably apply the products to wet hair rather than soaking wet hair. This gives your hair a better chance to absorb the water. Then use your leave-in and gel. 
    • Medium porosity
    Your hair absorbs just the right amount of moisture. Test for your hair whether it is nicer to use your products on soaking wet or wet hair. 
    • High porosity
    Your hair can absorb moisture quickly, but this also goes out at the same rate. This allows your hair to dry quickly, has little elasticity and gets tangled quickly. Your hair is then extra sensitive to breakage. 


    Your hair stretches and shrinks. This is your hair elasticity. Do you have healthy hair? Then your hair can stretch about 30% of the original length when wet and return to the original length without breaking. So do you want to know what your elasticity is? Pull a hair from your height and stretch it. 

    • Does your hair stretch a little and bounce back to its original length? Then your hair has nothing extra to do. Your hair is well balanced.
    • Are you stretching her more than usual? Then you need more protein.
    • Can't seem to break her? Then your hair also needs protein. 
    • Does it break almost instantly? Then your hair needs more moisture.
    • If it feels rough and dry, your hair needs more moisture. 

    It is important that you get to know her well. You can perform this test more often (both wet and dry).  

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