You've probably been told: ''What a beautiful bunch of curls'' and ''I wish I had curls!''. You would prefer to exchange, because it is quite difficult to take good care of your curls. One day you have beautiful curls and the next day your curls are saggy or, even almost gone to 'stroke'.

You probably use products that are especially for curls, for example, which you can get at Etos or Kruidvat. Many of these products will make your curls look as described above. This is because these products contain certain ingredients that are not good for your curls.


What is good then? These are products that do not contain sulfates, parabens and silicones. Before I go into the good products, I first explain why these ingredients are bad for your curls.


Sulfates are strong cleaners. They produce a lot of foam and it is cheap for manufacturers to add this ingredient. Sulfates are even used to clean floors, for example. So avoid! It takes away all the natural oils from your scalp, causing your curls to dry out greatly.


A lot of hair care products contain parabens. Parabens are used as a preservative so that products have a longer shelf life.
Many studies have been done on the influence of parabens on health. Unfortunately, there is still no unequivocal answer. Some studies show that parabans may play a role in tumorigenesis and growth. Other studies show that this has no effect. In short, there is uncertainty. More and more manufacturers are avoiding parabens, often in combination with sulfates and silicones.


Silicone is in hair products because it makes your hair smoother, shines and gives it a healthy appearance. Silicones coat your hair and are therefore difficult to wash out of your hair. The result of this is that your hair is difficult to absorb moisture and that this layer builds up further, so that products no longer work well in your hair. So your hair is, as it were, 'closed off'. This will make your hair heavy and it will become dry.


Just take a look at a hair product you currently have. You probably have at least one product with an ingredient that ends in "cone," "conol," "col" or "xane.

 So it is better for your curls to avoid these ingredients. Lorraine Massey also describes this in her handbook especially for curls (The Curly Girl Handbook). Lorraine gives a lot of useful advice in this book. For example to avoid certain ingredients (as described above). Because as indicated, it dries out and makes your curls stiff. This hair care method is also known as the Curly Girl (CG) Method. And is becoming more and more popular among people with all types of curl.

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