Take good care of your curls. In the previous blog, a short introduction was already given about how to do this, according to the CG method. Which prescribes to avoid parabens, sulfates and silicones. In this blog I explain how to start with the method. 


CG in steps

Are you starting with the CG method? Then you stop using regular shampoo. Most shampoos that you can buy in drugstores contain sulfates. Sulfates are cleansers that dry out your hair because, for example, they remove the natural oil that your scalp produces. 

Because you use shampoo with sulfates, the scales of your hair are affected. In healthy hair, the scales lie flat. When using a non CG shampoo, the scales will be open. Your hair becomes rough and does not shine and there are more knots in your hair. 

 1. Finalwash to start with the CG method

You know that you will no longer use 'regular' shampoo. But, before you start with the CG method, wash your hair one more time with a shampoo that does contain sulfates. This is necessary because this way you can wash all the silicone out of your hair. Please note, not all shampoos are suitable for the 'final wash'. To make it easy for you, we offer a shampoo that is suitable for the final wash. Click here. 




After the ''final wash'' it is useful to feed your hair well. You can do this by using a mask. We have different types of masks, all of which comply with the CG method. You will find this one here.

How do you proceed with the CG method?

You know that from now on you no longer use 'normal' shampoos and that you start with a final wash. From now on, you will only use CG method products. First we will discuss washing, then we will tell you more about CG friendly products. 

To wash

Do you wash your hair more than 2 times a week? We strongly advise against this! Do not wash your hair more than once a week with a CG Shampoo. Do you use this more than once a week? Then the shampoo (despite being CG-proof) can create a drying effect. For example, keep to yourself that you wash your hair twice a week. 

Wash 1: CG Shampoo and Nourishing Mask 

Wash 2: Co-wash (wash only with CG Conditioner 

You can do wash two as often as you need. Test this for yourself, do you notice that your hair responds better to less frequent washing? Then apply this to your hair routine. Did you wash your hair more often? See how your hair reacts to this or reduce washing weekly. 

The best way to wash your curls

Did you wash your hair in the shower? then try to let the water go through your hair slowly and do not rub it too much. It is important to massage your scalp well. For example, you can use the following silicone brush to apply the products well and quietly in your hair:

(Link to product)

Step 2: Conditioner 

When washing, use a conditioner. This ensures that your hair is well hydrated. Some people may need more conditioner than others in the beginning, try this out for yourself. It is important that you use a CG conditioner, without silicones and other ingredients that we want to avoid.

Applying the CG conditioner

Apply the conditioner from the scalp to the ends. You glide through the curls with your fingers. Have you applied the product to your hair? Then it is important that you 'schrunch' her. You do this by bending your head and hair forward, then making bowls with your hands and squeezing the product into your hair as if it were. 

Combing hair

You always comb your hair when your hair is still wet! Make sure to use either your fingers or a special brush. Are you using a brush that is not according to the CG method? Then this can greatly disrupt your curl definition. Therefore, use a special comb, for example the following:
(Link to product)


Step 3: Styling

After you wash your hair, there are several CG method products that you can use. You can read which ones would work best for your hair on the page 'CG method, What are my hair properties?'. 
In any case, use a CG leave-in after washing. Then it is advisable to apply a CG friendly Gel in your hair. The gel gives your curls 'hold' so that they sag less quickly. 
Is your hair almost or completely dry? Then you may be able to gently scrub your hair again. You should do this because some gels have a tendency to harden. Because you 'schruncht' your hair you get a natural curl definition. 

Hair drying

Never use a regular terry towel! This fabric is very rough and because of the friction it brings a lot of fluff with it. Use a microfiber (or 'microfiber') towel, this is a soft fabric that quickly absorbs the moisture from your hair. 
You can let your hair air dry. However, it is wise to first let your hair dry in a microfibre towel for half an hour.
You can also blow dry your hair. When you do this, you use a diffuser. This is a special attachment that allows you to create more curl definition. You can read how to do this best on the page 'CG method, Blow-drying your curls with a Diffuser'. 
It is best to have your hair cut (trimmed) regularly. This will refresh your hair and give your hair more 'air'. Cut your hair every 6-8 weeks. 

Step 4: CG method products

We went through a lot of information about the CG method. It is therefore important to use CG-friendly products, such as CG Shampoo, CG conditioner, CG Leave-in and CG gel. 
Fortunately, you don't have to search long in our webshop, all our products are suitable for the CG method. See an overview of the entire collection here: link to all CG hair care. 

Step 5: CG Method Tools

As you have read, in addition to products, there are also certain tools to take good care of your curls. For example, a microfibre towel for drying and a special curling brush. Furthermore, the use of satin pillowcases is also highly recommended for less fluff and shiny hair.  Click here and you will find all the tools!


Do you not fully understand things yet, or do you have other questions? Be sure to let us know! We are happy to help you. you can us Contact Form or send an email to eline@curlytools.nl or call us on 06-81158045. 


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