Delivery: expected at the end of September

Have you always wanted to have a temporary fun / crazy color in your hair? But, don't you want to damage your hair? Then the Curlsmith Hair Make up line is for you! The new line has been around for a while and is now finally available with us in the Netherlands. 

Curlsmith's hair make-up is a gel and temporary hair coloring in 1. Fortunately, the hair coloring is not a paint, because it only puts a small layer around your hair. This makes it temporarily and therefore washable with only one shampoo. Moreover, you absolutely do not damage your hair with this, it is safe to use without causing damage to your curls. 

The make-up contains certain ingredients with a pigment content that can also give color to dark hair! How fun is this? Because the temporary hair dye colors we had were only visible on blond hair. 

Because it's not a dye, you don't need gloves and you don't have to worry about the 'paint' getting into your clothes. 

 Can you see this at all?! We do! Do you keep an eye on our socials? We expect the hair make-up at the end of next week! 

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