Would you like protein add to your hair care? With these pure raw materials you can do this in a safe way. Protein Raw Materials adding it has the most effect in a mask and leave-in conditioner.

Protein Raw Materials in CG Products

Why and when to use protein? You use protein in your hair products to repair your hair. Protein will make your hair more shiny, better hydrated and stronger. So if your hair is damaged, protein literally helps fill the gaps in your cuticle. In addition to the above points, you can also use protein very well if your hair is dry or if you color your hair. Do you have the following characteristics? Then you could use extra protein: 

  • saggy curls

  • Hair that is not treatable, you have already tried deep conditioners and oils. 

  • Fragile hair and you use a conditioner without protein

  • Hair that is dry

  • If your hair is ultra soft 

Add Protein Drops (raw materials) to your CG products

You can protein raw materials to all your articles but, it is useful to adhere to the following guidelines. Do you have fine/medium, fragile or dyed hair? Then you can add your protein drops to your leave-in conditioner or styling products. Try this once or twice and then give your hair a break from the protein. Don't use too much right away, build it up slowly and see how your hair reacts. You can also add your protein drops to your mask or conditioner. Try experimenting with this by seeing how your hair reacts. 

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