Don't want to take a lot off your hair but still want to keep it a little? You can easily cut split ends from your curls yourself. It is important that you have a special hairdressing scissors used. NB! Want to make bigger changes to your hair? or do you want to have layers cut? Then we advise you to look for a special curls hairdresser. 

Hairdressing scissors for curls

You use a special hairdressing scissors because they have a cutting blade that is suitable for your hair. Do you use kitchen scissors? We advise against that! Because if you use it, it actually creates more split ends. So if you want to cut your hair yourself, make sure you have the right tools. Make sure you spoil your hair extra after cutting, for example use a after cutting CG shampoo and a good nourishing mask to give your hair a boost again. 

How do you use hairdressing scissors?

With the 'search and destroy method' you can easily cut away your dots. Grab small tufts of hair and hold the tuft up to the light or close to the mirror. Then cut off the split tip. There are even more methods to easily trim the small ends of your hair. Search YouTube for useful videos that explain how you can do this in the very best way. 

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