PUMP Haircare

PUMP Haircare was founded by entrepreneur and also hairdresser: Natascha Jay. PUMP Haircare is formulated and produced in Australia. Natascha gave up this brand because she had to deal with extreme hair loss at a fairly young age. After using several products that all claimed to improve hair loss, none of these products had any effect. The start of PUMP Haircare That gave her an idea, because why not make her own line that did work? For a year Natascha has worked with chemists to come up with top products that all contain a unique patented ingredient. The products are now available worldwide. And PUMP Haircare is now a full-fledged brand with more than 50(!) unique products. Besides that PUMP Haircare uses the best organic ingredients for its products, they also make sure that the environment is taken into account. All tubes are made from sugar cane. The tubes are made in an environmentally conscious factory that runs on solar energy. PUMP Haircare in Nederland Since 2022 CurlyTools is an official reseller of PUMP Haircare† We are happy to share this brand with you! All products in our range can be used within the CG Method.

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