TGIN is a brand that focuses entirely on curly hair. The founder Christia has developed a product line that is in harmony with nature. All products are made as naturally as possible with quality ingredients such as African shea butter to handmade olive soaps. Each TGIN product is made in small batches with the best natural and organic ingredients for maximum freshness. TGIN TGIN uses only high-quality natural products in its range. Examples include coconut oil, argan oil, rose water and jojoba oil. All these ingredients ensure that your curls stay super hydrated and nourished. TGIN at CurlyTools At CurlyTools we have two products in our range from TGIN. The Green Tea Super Moist Leave in Conditioner is a very moisturizing leave in that ensures that your curls are protected all day long. It is also certainly suitable for children. We also have a curly girl gel, namely the THIN Curl Bomb Moisturizing Styling Gel. This is a light gel with a medium hold, which ensures that your curls are perfectly defined. It is a gel that is suitable for every curl type with a combination of nourishing ingredients. This curly girl gel contains protein.

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