Advice on choosing the right CG starter kit

Would you like to start with the CG Method? And do you want to have everything in-house right away so you can get off to a good start? Then you can use our CG Starter Kits. You choose the kit based on your curl type. 

Choosing products 

On most websites/forums and Facebook groups you read that it is necessary to find out your hair characteristics (your porosity, elasticity, etc). However, to find out your exact hair characteristics, you should actually have your hair examined at a lab. Even then, your hair may be more porous in some areas than other areas of your hair. 

But, how do you choose the right products? From practice we have learned that wavy's benefit more from the slightly lighter shampoo, conditioners and leave-ins. But, for example, you can use a strong gel. Curlies can often have a little more than wavy's. We have therefore classified the kits based on curl type to keep it organized and clear for you. Do you dye your hair? Then it is useful to add some protein to your routine. We have also put together a special kit for this. 

The best starter kit for my curls: 

Check out the images below which photo do your curls look most like? Then click on the image. We will then direct you to the correct kit. 

Wavy Hair Type: 

Your hair is characterized by the s-shaped curls. Your hair has a light wave to a mix of wavy hair mixed with curls. Shop the wavy starter kit here. 
type 2 wavy hair

Curly/Coily Krullen

Your hair is characterized by the clear spirals, you have more defined curls and clearly see curls that can already start at the roots. Shop the starter kit for curly/coily curls here. 

type 3 curly hair

I need help

Are you in between type 2 and 3 hair? Then go for the safe choice: and opt for a wavy starter package. Would you still like additional advice? Please contact us via the Contact Form, we are happy to help you!