How do I get started with the CG Method?

Anyone can start at any time with the Curly Girl Methode (of CG Methode). We explain to you in a number of short steps how to start with the CG Method. 

The step-by-step plan to start with the CG Method

A handy step-by-step plan that helps you on your way. We have all the necessary information, summarized in 3 steps. 

Step 1: Find out your hair characteristics

It is important that you find out your hair characteristics. By finding out your hair characteristics, you can choose the right products. 

We would like to know the following from you:

  • Elasticity of your hair 
  • Porosity of your hair
  • Whether you have fine, medium or thick hair 

Sound unknown? No problem. Because through our handy tool, we explain to you how to find out the above points. 

Go to the handy tool to find out your hair properties: Hair Properties Tool

Step 2: Which products will you use?

If you follow the CG Method, you will use different products. These are the products you need to lay a good foundation: 

The very first product you start with is a final wash. This is a shampoo that ensures that all product residues from your old products are properly washed out. Then you use: 

  • CG Masker
  • CG Shampoo
  • CG Conditioner
  • CG Leave-in
  • CG Gel 

Have you been following the CG Method for a while? Then you can also use the following products. You can of course also use the products below from the start if you prefer. 

  • CG Mousse
  • CG Wax
  • CG Oil
  • CG Serum 
  • CG Haarmist
  • CG Hairspray

Step 3: Choose products

Do you know your hair characteristics? Top! Because then we can start to choose the right products. 

You can choose products from us in different ways.

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