Step-by-step plan: Starting with the Curly Girl Method

Are you going to start with the CG Method but you don't know exactly how to do this? And I which order you can use the products? On this page you will find useful information to get started quickly. 

In our starterkits contains the following articles: 

  1. CG Shampoo
  2. Conditioner
  3. Deep conditioner (mask)
  4. Leave-in conditioner
  5. Gel 

Can be purchased separately via our website: de final-wash

Step 1: The Final Wash

Hair products can leave residue in your hair. To properly remove all these leftovers, use a final-wash† A final wash shampoo is not CG as it contains sulfates. 

You basically use the shampoo when starting the CG Method. Keep the final wash in your bathroom cabinet! There are many curlies who, for example, do a final wash once a month or use the final wash after the hair has been dyed. 

How do you use the final wash? Massage the shampoo well into the scalp. Then rinse the shampoo out completely. An extra clean feeling? Massage the shampoo in again and rinse it all out. 

Step 2: Deep Conditioner (Mask)

Have you rinsed out the shampoo completely? Then we're going to give you a boost with a CG masker.

How do you use a mask? Apply the mask over the hair lengths, you do not need to cover the roots of your hair. Leave the mask on for about 10-15 minutes and then rinse it off completely.

Stap 3: De Leave-in Conditioner

Has your mask been rinsed out completely? Then bring the leave-in conditioner at. 

How do you use the leave-in conditioner? Apply the leave-in conditioner to wet hair. So basically, right after rinsing the mask. Take a small amount of the leave-in (think of the size of a 10 euro cent). Rub the leave-in between your hands, and then apply it as shown in the image below (praying hands technique). Then use a brush or a comb to distribute the product evenly. 

Source: Naturally Curly 

Step 4: The Gel 

Did you apply the leave-in? Squeeze now with a microfibre towel the excess water from the hair. Now bring the gel at. Take a generous amount and divide it between your hands. Then apply it in the same way as shown above. Now tilt your head forward, and brush or comb your hair. Now apply a little water again and squeeze the gel into your hair as we show in the picture below:

De bronafbeelding bekijken

Source: Unknown

Step 5: Drying

Dab again with a microfibre towel your hair dry. Now you can choose to let your hair air dry or use a diffuser† With a diffuser you can create more volume and definition in your hair.