What is the CG Method?

The abbreviation CG Method, stands for the Curly Girl Methode† The CG Method helps you to get your natural curls back. For example, many standard shampoos contain sulfates. Sulfates are extremely strong cleaners, which you can also find in soap and even floor cleaners. It dries out your hair and for many people it even makes the natural waves and curls disappear. Silicones and drying alcohol can also have a negative effect on your hair, just like sulphates. With the CG Method you no longer use these bad ingredients and we go back to your natural hair. 

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Who is the CG Method for? 

The CG Method is for anyone with curls and waves. Do you have straight hair? Then you can also simply apply the CG Method. There are so many examples of people who even found out that they had curls by using the CG Method! 

Starting with the CG Method

Not every curly ball has the same curls. They come in different shapes and sizes. That is why we need information about your curls to be able to advise you properly. 

The information we need is about your curls. For example, we would like to know if you dye your curls, how thick it is, etc. In summary, we call this you hair properties

Curly Girl Products

Reading ingredient lists is not necessary! All products on our website are CG! When you start with the CG method, you use the following products:

  • Final-Wash: You use the final wash to start with the CG Method. You wash with this, all remaining product residues from your hair. You can do this at any time. The final wash is a one-time only, but keep the tube. Who knows, you might need it again (if you dye your hair or if you've used a non-cg product). 
  • Mask: After the final wash, use a mask to nourish your hair. 
  • Leave-in: After the mask, apply a leave-in to damp hair. Divide the product over the hair lengths. You don't have to rinse it out! This product gives your curls protection during the day. 
  • Gel: After applying the leave-in, apply a gel to damp hair as well. Distribute this product well over the hair lengths. Now let your hair air dry. 
In addition to the above products, we also recommend that you use a conditioner and shampoo. After the first wash you can wait 1 - 3 days for your next wash. For this wash you use, for example, a conditioner and the shampoo. 

    Yes, I want to start with the CG Method! 

    To get started right away, we have a handy tool to determine what your hair properties to be. After you have done this, we offer you a starter kit with which you can start your curly hair journey! 

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