Wat is de Curly Girl (CG) Methode?

How do I best take care of my curls?! Help! 

You've probably tried all kinds of products from different brands, but nothing works for your curls. Your curls are frizzy and you don't really know what to do about it. Do you recognize this? Then read on quickly.

In short: The CG Method

Lorraine Massey has developed a method for people with curly hair, the 'CG Method' (short for Curly Girl Method). The core of this method is to avoid the 'bad' ingredients such as silicones, sulfates, mineral oils, wax and drying alcohol. These bad ingredients are mainly found in the products of many hairdressers and standard drugstores. In addition, the method also includes certain ways to wash, dry and style your hair.

Avoid certain ingredients such as silicones and sulfates

How do I start with the CG Method?

If you start with the CG method, this means that you will only use products that are CG-proof (ie products without the bad ingredients). Before you start with the CG method, it is important that you find out your hair characteristics. Why? Curls come in different shapes and sizes. So for one 'curly girl' a certain product works and for another not. Your hair characteristics are therefore very important to get beautiful curls.

Hair Features

We explain in a few short steps how to find out your hair characteristics. Check the following page: hair properties.

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