As I Am Coconut Co wash


From As I Am Co Wash is a 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner. It cleans your hair enough to give you the fresh feeling of washed hair. The As i am co wash contains many caring ingredients that give your hair the right nutrition and leave your hair feeling soft. You use a cowash if, for example, you want to wash your hair more often during the week and you want to experience a slightly cleaner feeling than just washing with a conditioner.  

The as i am co-wash is loved by all types of curls, from fine to thick curly hair. The product falls under the medium heavy product category. Do you have finer hair? Then make sure that you also use a CG Shampoo every week in addition to this co wash.

  • Suitable for all curl types and textures
  • Fruit extracts leave the hair shine  
  • protein free 
  • 454 Gram
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