Beautiful Diffon Föhn


From Beautiful Diffon Föhn is a hairdryer that is specially made for blow drying curly hair. As you can see in the photo, this is a very unique hairdryer, because it is a hairdryer with a fixed diffuser attachment. It is very light which makes it very handy and easy to use. 

The Diffon Hair Dryer is ideal for anyone who likes a handy hair dryer or who would like to take his or her hair dryer on holiday. With the special grid at the back of the hairdryer, you prevent your hair from getting caught in the hairdryer. 

The difference between the Bellissima Diffon Föhn and the Ceramic variant

From Ceramic fohn contains ceramic technology that provides slightly more care than the Bellissima Diffon. The ceramic technology ensures that heat is distributed more evenly over the hair. This provides extra protection and less fluff. Do you have damaged hair or do you want to protect your hair extra during blow-drying? Then the Ceramic is a good choice. Don't recognize yourself in this? Then this one Diffon an excellent choice! 

The difference compared to the CHI Lava & Compact hairdryer

There are a number of differences from the CHI blow dryers† We have listed the most important details for you: For mobile users, just rotate your screen for the whole overview! 

The wattage of the CHI hair dryers is a lot higher, which means that you can dry a thicker bunch of hair faster with these hairdryers. Do you have short to medium hair, or do you think drying time is less important? Then a Bellissima hair dryer is also good to use. 

  Cool shot function standing Ceramic Wattage Price
WHO Washes Fohn Yes 3 Yes 1100 159,20
CHI 1875 Compact Dryer Yes 3 Yes 1875 159
Beautiful Diffon Fohn Nee 2 Nee 700 48,95
Beautiful Diffon Fohn Ceramic  Nee 2 Yes 700 64,95
Other details of the Diffohn Fohn 
  • The rear grille is specially designed to prevent your hair from getting stuck 
  • Cable length of 2.2 meters
  • 700 Watts power
  • 2 speed settings
  • 21cm high, 13.5cm wide
  • 1 year warranty under normal use.
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