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Curl Flo Marshmallow Root Leave In Conditioner (Mini 100ML)


The perfect base for your curls? That's the Curl Flo Marshmallow Root Leave In Conditioner. The leave-in conditioner provides soft, shiny and frizz-free hair. Did you apply the leave-in conditioner? Then you are all ready to further style your hair! 

All Curl Flo products are made from organic and natural ingredients. In this leave-in is marshmallow-wortelextract this is great for soothing and relieving your scalp and hair and is also great for slipping. In addition, the leave-in contains organic lemongrass oil which is rich in vitamin B. It strengthens your hair follicles and promotes healthy hair

  • For all curl types and textures
  • This leave in is protein free
  • 100ML

  • Combine products 

    For optimal results, it is best to combine this leave-in conditioner with the Curl Flo Marshmallow Root Styling Gel.

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