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Ecoslay Ginger & Moringa Tea Rinse


Ecoslay's Ginger & Moringa Tea Rinse is a product that you can use while washing your hair. This spray makes it easier for your hair to absorb and retain moisture better. And did you know that this spray is full of natural ingredients that also help you prevent hair loss? The spray gives your hair extra strength & shine that is already visible after 1 week. 

What makes this Rinse from Ecoslay so unique? The ingredient list of this rinse is small, because it only contains 100% natural ingredients that actually have a function. So there are no thickeners or added perfume. Please note, the smell is therefore really not nice as the packaging indicates: 'Hold Nose'. And don't worry, the scent doesn't linger! 

The Ecoslay Rinse comes in a pouch. This way you contribute to a better environment. Combine it with the Ecoslay jar and fill it with this Pouch. Good for the environment and your wallet! 

  • For all curl types and textures 
  • protein free 
  • 236ML

  • Prefer to try it out first? View here the travel size Ginger & Morning Tea Rinse.

    What are the main ingredients of the Ecoslay Ginger & Moringa Tea Rinse?
    • Ginger(Ginger): Helps restore hair, prevents hair loss
    • Moringa: Moringa contains a high amount of vitamin A, which plays an important role in promoting hair growth and caring for the scalp. 
    • Aloe Vera Juice: Provides shine and makes it soft
    • Apple Cider Vinegar: Helps restore the PH balance and bring it to a good level. 

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