Ecoslay Orange Marmalade Gel (118 ML)


From Ecoslay Orange Marmalade Gel (118ml) is a strong gel for curly hair. What makes this gel unique? He is 100% natural! It gives your curls the perfect hold, a frizz-free and shiny result. 

The marmalade gel is easy to use and apply to your hair. The gel offers a medium to firm hold and ensures that your curls stay in place for days. And also good to know, you only need a little gel for a perfect result. 

The gel substance is on the slightly thicker side and appears creamy. Don't be put off as wavy! As the ingredients suggest, this gel is very light as it is full of extracts. So it won't let your curls sag or weigh down. 

  • For all types of curls and textures 
  • Medium to strong hold 
  • protein free
  • 118ml

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