Ecoslay Peppermint Schnapps Hair Wash Pouch


From Ecoslay Peppermint Schnapps Hair Wash Pouch is a 100% natural shampoo for curly hair. The shampoo is mild and knows how to clean your hair in the right and safe way. The Peppermint Schnapps consists of a mix of marshmallow root, african black soap and important essential oils. This allows the shampoo to clean your hair perfectly, but also immediately moisturize it and make it easier to comb. Also good to know, the peppermint oil also takes care of your scalp.

  • For all curl types and textures
  • protein free 
  • Mild CG Shampoo
  • 237ML
What does an extremely mild shampoo mean?

This shampoo falls under the category of extremely mild shampoos. This may sound 'extreme' because does it clean well enough you may wonder? He sure does! And it is especially suitable for curly hair and especially if you want to use a shampoo more often. Our tip? In addition to this shampoo, also occasionally use a clarifying shampoo (for example, once a month, or every 2 weeks).

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