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IMBUE Curl restoring intensive Mask


It IMBUE Curl restoring intensive Mask  is a mask that provides intense nourishment to your hair. The mask is specially made for curly hair. Breathe new life into your curls with this protein-rich mask that nourishes and treats damaged hair. This vegan mask with 100% Curly Girl proof ingredients such as coconut, cupuaçu and shea moisturizes, nourishes and strengthens your curls, making them less likely to break. Your hair is softer, more manageable and in top condition! Instead of controlling your curls, it helps IMBUE you to get the best out of your beautiful natural curls, coils & kinks with a delicious scent on top!

  • Delicious scent 
  • The bottles are made from recycled plastic
  • Good quality, for a good price 
  • You can use this product within the Curly Girl Method 

 Contains protein and has a content of 300ML. 

  Budget-proof product

Combine this product for even better results

Also use the other products of the IMBUE line for even better results. You can also combine this product well with other brands. 

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