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Basis set No.0 in No.3


Are you looking for Olaplex 3 of 0? Then you've come to the right place! Did you know that you can also safely use certain Olaplex articles within the CG Method?

With the THElaplex Basis Set No.0 and No.3 set are you sure you are safe if you use the curly girl method. With these 2 products you will help strengthen and repair your hair when it is damaged, dyed or in need of a boost for any other reason. 

Olaplex 0 and 3

If you Olaplex number 3 want to use, it is important  (for an even better result) that you also no. 0 used. Why? Because these 2 variants work together. No. 0 brings the damaged sulfur bridges in your hair back together. With no. 3 you help your hair to keep up with the result after using the no. 0. 

CurlyTools is an official retailer of Olaplex

There are many (cheap) counterfeit variants of Olaplex available. At CurlyTools you always buy the original packaging from Olaplex. How can you check this? Every article has a code, when you scan it you will arrive at the Olaplex website (American variant!). 

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