Beauty Pillow

Beautypillow has been the specialist when it comes to satin pillowcases for the hair since 2013. Beauty Pillow stands for quality, service and Dutch Design. Because did you know that the pillowcases are produced in the Netherlands? The satin of the pillowcases has been selected with care, it is of good and heavy quality. In addition, the color will be retained even after washing your pillowcase and stains disappear easily. So are you looking for a satin pillowcase? Then you've come to the right place at Beauty Pillow! Satin pillowcase from Beauty Pillow All pillowcases we offer are from Beauty Pillow† We are an official reseller of Beauty Pillow. This means that all pillowcases we offer are 100% original. Beauty Pillow pillowcases are handmade in the Netherlands. Satin pillowcases are a must have for curly hair. A satin pillowcase ensures that your hair stays in shape during the night. A cotton pillowcase can provide extra friction, which in turn makes for frizzy and drier hair. It is therefore important to protect your curls well while sleeping. Beauty Pillow CG Products We have the Beauty Pillows in different colors: pearl white, black, rose gold, and sandy beach. A number of colors with which you can match your satin pillowcase with your duvet! The satin pillowcases are perfect for anyone who wants to get their curls into shape in the morning more easily, without spending a lot of time on it. The ultimate curl pillow!

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