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What is the Curly Girl Method?

The CG method or Curly Girl Method is in essence a method that prescribes how you can take good care of (all kinds of) curls and which products you can use best. The method was introduced in 1991 through the book: 'The Curly Girl Handbook'. The method has been around for a while but fortunately has been improved a lot over the past years. The method is still very much alive and used by women and men all over the world.
You have probably tried all kinds of products from different brands and stores: but nothing works for your curls. Your curls are frizzy and you don't really know what to do about it. Do you recognize yourself in this? Then the CG method is for you!
Do you have waves, a stronger curl or something in between? Anyone with any type of curl can start with the method.
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How does the CG Method works?

When you start using the method you only use cg proof products. This means that your hair care is free of sulfates, mineral oil, silicones, wax and drying alcohol.
We want to avoid these ingredients because they are too aggressive for curly hair: it can make your hair extremely dry, make your curls disappear and even damage them.
Moreover, you will not only change hair products but also learn how to properly wash, condition and style curls and learn which tools to use to get the most out of your curls.

Before and after the CG Method

Below you can see examples of what the CG Method can do to your hair! All results and photos are the work of Curls By Babs using CurlyTools products.

Een voor en na foto van iemand die net de CG methode heeft toegepast
Een voorbeeld van voor en na van iemand die de CG Methode heeft toegepast

How do I start with the CG Method?

To get started with the CG Method, it is important that you have the right hair products, that you use them in the right order and that you apply them in the right way.
Now you may be thinking, how do I do this? We will explain it to you in a few steps. In any case it is important to determine your hair characteristics and choose the right hair care based on that. Then you can get started and learn more and more how to properly style and care for your curls.

How do I determine what kind of curls I have?

Before you start using the method, it is important to know the state of your curls. Based on that you can choose the right hair care.
If you search online for this term hair properties, you will be shown lots of tests: from measuring your elasticity to your porosity. We prefer to keep it easier for now: in fact, it is more convenient that you first know which products you are going to use and in what order.

Which products can I start with within the CG Method?

Perhaps you have already taken a look at our webshop. There are many products for curly hair. Fortunately, you do not have to buy everything to get started. It is important that you start with a certain base of products. Besides that it is clearer for you, you do not have too much in the house and you can let your curls get used to the products that fit within the CG method. We will first take you through the main type of items for curly hair.

Mild shampoos

Mild shampoos are the very best for curly hair. You can feel free to use them weekly and contain mild cleanser

Clarifying shampoos

Clarifying shampoos cleanse more strongly than mild shampoos. Therefore, we recommend that you use this shampoo occasionally (for example, once a month). This shampoo can help you if you suffer from build-up (characteristics: sagging hair, dull or oily scalp).


After a shampoo, always (!) use a conditioner. A conditioner protects your curls and makes it easier to brush your hair.

Deep conditioner

A deep conditioner is a mask. They are more concentrated than a conditioner so they can nourish your hair extra well. Don't use a deep conditioner too often at most weekly or once every 2 weeks.

Leave-in conditioner

A leave-in conditioner is used after you have rinsed the conditioner out of your hair. It provides conditioning for your hair before you style it.


A gel is perfect for keeping your curls in shape and reducing frizz. An indispensable product for curls!


An oil is multifunctional. Use it before shampooing to protect your hair or to squeeze the hard layer of gel out of your hair. We only sell blended oils, as they are a lot lighter than pure oils and therefore can be used by anyone.

Bond Builders & Treatments

There are also bond builders (which repair damaged hair and dyed hair) and treatments for sensitive skin, for example.


In addition to proper hair care, certain tools are needed to style your curls even better and more beautifully. Think of special clips to secure your hair, scrunchies, towels and special brushes for curls.
Now you know which products are most important to get started with the CG Method. In addition to these products, you can find many other products such as hair sprays, refresh sprays and serums. Start with the necessary hair products first and add other hair products later if necessary to get even more out of your curls.

The first steps of the CG Method

Before you start, follow the steps below.

Did you complete all the steps? Congratulations! You have officially started the CG Method! After this we will give you some extra tips. Do you want to get started right away? Then scroll right through to our starter kits.

Extra tips and tricks

What to do after your first washday?

Shop curly girl approved products

You now know exactly what steps to take, in what order to use products and how to apply them. But which products will you start with now?
Besides the fact that you can of course search for yourself within our shop, we have put together special CG Method starter kits. This kit contains everything you need to get started. You can add items (such as tools, oils and treatments) based on the information above. You can choose a kit based on your type of curls:
You can choose a kit based on your type of curls (you may want to use the image for this to make the right choice):
  • Type 2: Wavy, wavy hair, blow, s-shaped curls.
  • Type 3: Curls/Coils, stronger curl, spiral-shaped