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The products of Flora & Curl are based on Botanical ingredients. Founder Rose started experimenting in 2011 and ended up with a fantastic natural brand that is also curly girl! Namely: Flora & Curl. All Flora & Curl hair products are CG proof and particularly suitable for curly hair, wavy hair and coily hair. She has started testing on her own curls, suffering from severely damaged hair after many years of chemicals. As a result, her scalp was also very sore and burned. She soon realized that this was no way to keep doing it forever. She wanted her hair to become really healthy and to embrace her curls. 

Flora & Curl

Flora & Curl is plant-based and a rich way to boost your natural routine. Flora is the Latin word for plant life. They create plant-based hair care products to hydrate, soothe, style and protect all types of curls. Say goodbye to complicated curl routines and labels, and hello to targeted curl care from Flora and Curl! 

Flora & Curl CG products

These Botanical CG products have a therapeutic effect on both the hair and the scalp. Among others, jasmine, eucalyptus and lavender are important ingredients that Rose uses in the products. Her mission is to help women create healthy curls by nourishing and caring for them with the best ingredients. Flora Curl products are suitable for every curl type. What's really nice is that Flora & Curl have put together a special travel size set! In this way you can conveniently take all your products with you on a trip or you can order these as a trial set to try out the products first. The line is very extensive, you will find the original line of flora and curl, but also a special line for anyone with curls and a sensitive scalp. The line of the sensitive scalp is also suitable fins the curly girl movement. 

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