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Umberto Giannini

The brand and the associated salon Umberto Giannini was founded and founded in 1990 by the eponymous hairdresser Umberto Giannini who has won several awards for his work. Based on the extensive experience that he and his wife have gained, the first hairline was launched in 1998. A big feature of this launch? A breath of fresh air in the haircare world, because the advertisements did not use perfect, photoshopped photos. But, real women with different curl types and hair types. Umberto Giannini Really all products from Umberto Giannini can be labeled as vegan. And vegan means that the ingredients of the hair products do not come from animals and are also not tested on animals. The reason to set up a vegan haircare line? Umberto Giannni's partner, Claire has been vegan for much of her life. It is the core of the brand, because they believe that no animal should be hurt for that one spray in your hair. Another great feature of Umberto Giannini† The hair products are suitable for every hair type. They are on a mission to make the world a little better, they do this in various ways, including by donating 1% of the turnover to charities. Umberto Giannini CG Products The Curl Jelly of the brand has been part of our range since the start of CurlyTools. A perfect curly girl gel, which has been around for over 20 years and has developed into a real favorite over the years. In addition to the Curl Jelly, we have also added other collections of the brand to our range in recent years. The colorful and wonderfully scented products are definitely worth a try, especially if you also want to make the world a little better!