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Aunt Jackie's

Aunt Jackie’s is an American brand that is also very popular in the Netherlands. Aunt Jackies has developed a special mix of products for different types of curly hair, so that your curls can be optimally nourished and beautified. The best way to get the most out of Aunt Jackies products is to use the right products for your curls and hair characteristics. Whether you have curly, wavy or coily hair, Aunt Jackie's has special products designed for every type of hair texture. Aunt Jackie's Of course, that's what it is. Aunt Jackie’s infuses each formula with natural oils, butters, moisturizers and conditioners. Ingredients such as essential oils provide remarkable nourishment that leaves hair looking shiny and feeling great. There are many different aunt jackies hair products available. The most popular items are the aunt jackies resqued hair curls conditioner and the aunt jackies magic mend hair mask for curls and the aunt jackies quench leave in conditioner for curls. Aunt Jackie's hair products at CurlyTools In our webshop you will find various products from this brand. NB! Not all products of this brand are CG, of course we have selected all CG variants for you! For example, the aunt jackie's curl oh la la is not CG. The lala collection of aunt jackies contains ingredients that are not CG proof and therefore do not fit within the curly hair method. Very well-known and popular products from the Aunt Jackie's line are the hair masks. There are different types of hair masks for curls, each of which is suitable for something different. For example, there is a mask that stimulates hair growth, one that is specially made for a sensitive and dry scalp. This includes the ingredient Macadamia. Take a quick look at which CG products best suit your hair type.