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Olaplex a top brand that you can also use for curls. Olaplex may remind you of a brand your hairdresser uses. But did you know that you can also use many Olaplex hair products at home? In recent years, Olaplex has greatly expanded its hair products from hairdressing products to hair care for the home. Not all Olaplex products are CG. That is why we have selected a number of cg products from the line on our website, especially for everyone who follows the cg method. 


Olaplex consists of several products that are identified by numbers. There are very popular items such as the olaplex 2, olaplex 3, olaplex 0 and olaplex 7. As indicated, not all products are suitable for people with curls that follow the cg method. Olaplex nr 3 and 0 are CG in any case. Recently we have also added the silver shampoo from Olaplex, which you can also safely use within the curly girl method. 

The olaplex products all contain a patented OLAPLEX system. This Olaplex system was created to noticeably repair damaged hair and strengthen it. But how exactly does this work? Our hair consists of millions of disulfide bridges, or bonds or hairbonds. These connections give your hair structure, strength and stability. Do you dye your hair, have you had a lot of sun on your hair or is your hair often exposed to heat or other external influences? Then your sulfur bridges may be affected. With Olaplex you can restore your hair from the inside out. This will bring all hairbonds back into line and you will experience healthier, shinier and softer hair. 

Is olaplex suitable for curls?

Do you have curly hair and want to use Olaplex? That is possible. Even if you follow the curly girl method. You can safely add Olaplex's cg products to your cg method step-by-step plan. We explain with each product how and where you can use it in your curly girl routine. 

Olaplex CG Products

As indicated, not all Olaplex products are CG. For example, Olaplex's shampoo contains sulfates. Do you follow the curly hair method? Then we do not recommend using this ingredient in hair products for your curls. You can use the olaplex no. 3 and olaplex 0 and silver shampoo from Olaplex. These contain the right ingredients, which you can use within the CG Method. 

CurlyTools is official retailer of Olaplex. Our prices are therefore based on the established prices of Olaplex Netherlands. 

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