Curl Flo

The curl products of Curl Flo are developed by the best curling products specialists. The hair products are all curly girl, so feel free to use within the curly girl method. Curl Flo uses very powerful ingredients that ensure that you will embrace your natural curls again. One of the ingredients is lemongrass, very rich in vitamin B. Also a powerful ingredient is green tea, which is very rich in antioxidants that ensure that hair growth is promoted from the hair follicles. A big advantage of Curl Flo? It can be used by any curly girl. Curl Flo The brand's slogan is: embrace your curls. The products of Curl Flo help with this by adding nice scents to the products. Because let's face it, how nice is it when your curl hair products smell nice? You can often enjoy the wonderful scents even a few days after washing. The ingredient heme root extract (marschmallow root extract) is an example of an ingredient that has a nice smell and also has a good influence on your curls. It is gentle on the scalp and provides good slip. Curl Flo CG Products The entire Curl Flo collection is CG proof and can be used by any curly girl. All hair products are handmade with organic natural ingredients and the products are not tested on animals. We have a wide range of Curl Flo products. Many products are also available in a travel size. In this way you can choose to try out the products for a while first and see if it is something for you. These are of course also suitable to take with you when travelling.