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Are you looking for tools to better style your curls? Or do you need other handy tools? Within our Tools collection you will find all kinds of items that should not be missed in your Curly Girl routine! 

CG Method tools for curly hair

Did you know that tools can make a big difference if you follow the CG Method? Not only CG Products but also tools are a real must-have. In addition, it can also help you to solve certain problems. For example, do you want more volume, or are you looking for more curl definition? Then you can, for example, use a special styling brush or a hairdryer with diffuser. Brushes all look the same, but did you know that the position of the pins of a brush is crucial? You can see this difference when you take a look at our collection of brushes and combs. 

Which tools can I find with you?

Our tools can be divided into different categories. Do you want protection while sleeping? or do you want your hair to be more manageable in the morning? Then take a look at a satin pillowcase or a special bonnet that you can use while sleeping. 

We have several options for drying your hair. During your routine you can use a curling towel made of microfibre is. In addition, we also recommend drying your hair with a hair dryer and diffuser attachment† With this you can create extra volume if you want, but also a nicer curl pattern. 

While styling, you can use special brushes as previously indicated for a nicer curl pattern. And did you know that you can also brush your hair? Do you have a lot of hair? Then the use of clamps be a useful tip for you. With clamps you can divide your hair into certain sections so you can be sure that you have had every piece of your hair when you use your CG products. Finally, you can also water atomizer use while styling. 

Not sure how to best take care of your hair? Then you can the curly book use as a handbook. 

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