Moistful Curl

In the year 2021, the beautiful, recognizable products of Moistful Curl launched. A Dutch brand that has developed hair products especially for wavy, curly and coily hair types. 's cg hair products Moistful Curl are for every curl type. Whether you have wavy hair, curly or coily curls, these products are all suitable and that too for a very nice price-quality ratio. Moistful Curl Hair Products The line of Moistful Curl is made to protect your curls well and give it the care it really deserves. The products are therefore free of silicones, parabens and aggressive sulphates. The hairline of Moistful Curl can be divided into 3 categories. It consists of the parts: cleansers, conditioner and stylers. An extensive line, which makes it suitable for multiple types of curls. Moistful Curl at CurlyTools Since the launch of Moistful Curl, we have immediately welcomed this brand with open arms. Your curls will look and feel great every day after using this line. Because all products are free of, among other things, sulfates, silicones and drying alcohol, we have been able to include the entire product line. From co-washes to gel and detanglers, there is a suitable product for everyone. And did you know that we often use these products at special curls hairdressers? The line contains several cg products. In the collection you will find a cg shampoo for curls, a leave-in conditioner for curls and a curly girl gel. Do you have fine hair? When styling, limit yourself to just the gel. Do you have thicker hair? For example, combine the gel with a cream or activator. The hair products from Moistfurl Curl are plant powered and made with love to make your curls shine every day! Check out our instagram for a review of the Moistful Curl cg products.