Do you have wavy hair? And are you looking for articles that completely match your wavy hair routine? We give you some useful tips in this blog!

Wavy Hair routine

If you start with the CG Method and you have wavy hair, you can follow the next steps. 

CG Shampoo for wavy hair

To prevent product build up, it is useful to use a CG Shampoo. In addition, a shampoo is extremely important because with a clean scalp you know for sure that you will get everything out of your wavy hair routine. If you have wavy hair, it is useful to use cg products that are not too heavy on your hair. Within our collection CG Shampoos you can filter on 'light products'. The most sold items are the products of Giovanni Cosmetics† This entire line is very light, so it can also be used by wavy's. Our best-selling shampoo is the following:

From Giovanni Smooth as Silk Shampoo 

Are you looking for more volume? Then you can choose the Root66 Shampoo van Giovanni† Do you have normal to dry hair? Then go for the 50/50 Balanced Shampoo van Giovanni

As an alternative to the above, Inahsi's Shampoo is also a very good choice. This shampoo is also very suitable for wavy hair. The difference compared to Giovanni is that Inahsi largely contains natural ingredients. Compared to Giovanni, Inahsi's products are in the higher price range. 

Inahsi Soothing Mint Gentle Cleansing Shampoo

CG Conditioner for wavy hair

Did you wash your hair? Then continue with a conditioner† We prefer to choose a shampoo that matches your shampoo. That is, you use a conditioner from the same brand. 

CG Leave-in Conditioner voor wavy hair

You use a CG Leave-in conditioner when you have rinsed out your conditioner. Do you have very fine hair? Then experiment with a leave-in conditioner. A leave-in conditioner provides extra hydration and also protects your curls from external influences. So it forms the basis before you start styling. You can choose a leave-in conditioner from the same brand that you also use for your shampoo and conditioner. You can also take a trip to another brand. One of our favorites is the leave-in from Ecoslay. These are 100% natural items and also mega light, which makes them very suitable for wavy curls. Ecoslay's packaging has changed over the past year. You get them in an environmentally friendly pouch! You can also buy a jar to put the product in! 

Example, suitable leave-in conditioner: Ecoslay Rice Pudding Leave-in Conditioner Moisturizer

 Ecoslay Rice Pudding

Another recommendation, which also matches the shampoo and conditioner that we have already recommended, is the Giovanni Direct Leave-in Conditioner† This is our best-selling leave-in of the year 2022!

Giovanni Direct Leave in Weightless Moisture leave-in Conditioner

CG Gel for wavy hair 

Our number 1 gel for wavy hair is the Umberto Giannini Curl Jelly† An incredibly light gel that gives your curls a medium hold. 

CG Gel

Are you looking for extra hold? then instead of the above gel you can also choose the SNOT Gel, which is also very popular curlies with wavy hair. 

CG Mask for wavy hair 

And last but not least, it is also useful to add a mask to your routine. The Nutrafix van Giovanni is a good choice if you have wavy hair. 

Giovanni Nutrafix

Other CG Styling products for wavy hair

In addition to the above items, you can also opt for a wavy hair routine within your wavy hair routine mousse/foam or a creme† With a cream for wavy curls it is useful to start with small amounts. In addition, it is useful with wavy hair to choose either a cream or a leave-in, both may be too heavy for your hair. Experiment with this! 

Want to see even more products that fit into your waivy hair routine? Check it out this collection

Tools within your wavy hair routine

In addition to the right cg products, it is also very important to add certain tools to your wavy hair routine. With certain tools you can get even more out of your curls. 

Denman Brush D3 for curl definition 

Highly recommended is the Denman D3† This brush is specially designed to create more curl definition. In addition, with this brush you can also ensure that you get extra volume. 

Denman D3

Microfiber curl towel for curls

Did you know that when you apply gel to towel-dried hair, it can be that the gel comes into its own? Did you wash your hair? Then apply your leave-in conditioner to wet hair. Then pat your hair dry with a microfiber towel for curls or wrap your hair briefly in the towel. This removes the excess water from your hair and you can get started with the gel. It is important that you use a microfiber towel for this process. This will not damage your hair. Curls deserve extra protection when it's damp. With a cotton towel, you can do damage that causes other frizzy hair and more brittle hair. 

Finally, if you have wavy hair, we hope this blog has given you a better idea of what CG Products you can use. In addition, it is useful to use the filter in our shop 'light products' that you can find within every collection. 

Photo: @CurlsByBabs

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