Wavy hair routine met de CG Methode

Wavy hair routine with the CG Method

Do you have wavy hair? And are you looking for items that completely match your wavy hair routine? We give you some useful tips in this blog!

What is wavy hair?

Before we get into all the tips and tricks, it's useful to know what wavy hair actually is. The best description of this is based on hair type . We distinguish 4 different types of hair:

  • Hair type 1: is straight hair
  • Hair type 2: wavy hair, light wave, s-shaped
  • Hair type 3: spirals, clear curl
  • Hair type 4: strong spirals

Wavy hair therefore falls under hair type 2: it is slightly wavy or you have a looser curl pattern. All hair types can also be divided into 3 subcategories: type 2A, 2B or 2C. If you have 2A curls you have a lighter shape than type 2C curls. For now it is important to know whether you fall into type 2.

Don't get hung up on the above. Because your curl type can often differ greatly. Moreover, you can have more stuff at the bottom than at the top and vice versa. But, it often describes well which category you fall into.

Wavy hair routine

If you start with the CG Method and you have wavy hair, you can follow the following steps. We will take you through each type of item that you can pay attention to if you have wavy hair.

If you have wavy hair, it is useful to have the following products at home:

  • CG Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Mask
  • Leave-in or cream
  • Supplement the gel with, for example, a mousse.
  • Oil
  • Towel
  • (Styling) brush
  • Hairdryer

In addition, Wavy's often benefit from lighter products .

CG Shampoo for wavy hair

To prevent product build-up , it is useful to use a CG Shampoo. In addition, a shampoo is extremely important because with a clean scalp you can be sure that you will get the most out of your wavy hair routine.

If you have wavy hair, it is useful to use CG products that are not too heavy on your hair. Within our CG Shampoos collection you can filter by different types of shampoos.

The best-selling items are Giovanni Cosmetics products. This entire line is very light, making it easy to use even for Wavy's. Our best-selling shampoo is the following:

The Giovanni Smooth as Silk Shampoo :

Giovanni Cosmetics Smooth as Silk Shampoo

Do you have normal to dry hair? Then go for the 50/50 Balanced Shampoo from Giovanni .

CG Conditioner for wavy hair

Have you washed your hair? Then continue with a conditioner . We prefer to choose a shampoo that matches your shampoo. This means that you use a conditioner from the same brand. They then fit together nicely. The following conditioner also fits the above shampoos:

CG Leave-in Conditioner for wavy hair

You use a CG Leave-in conditioner after you have rinsed out your conditioner. Do you have very fine hair? Then experiment with a leave-in conditioner. A leave-in conditioner provides extra hydration and also protects your curls from external influences. So it forms the basis before you start styling. You can choose a leave-in conditioner from the same brand that you also use for your shampoo and conditioner. You can also take a trip to another brand.

Another useful tip when using a leave-in: Use a minimal amount and build up if necessary.

Example of suitable leave-in conditioner:

The Giovanni Direct Leave-in Conditioner . This is our best-selling leave-in of the year 2022!

leave-in conditioner from giovanni cosmetics

CG Gel for wavy hair

We have often indicated that it is advisable to go for the lighter products. This is different with a gel. It is best to use a gel that has a somewhat thicker substance and has a strong to medium hold. We even recommend that you choose a gel with a stronger hold because then you can shape your waves even better.

Our number 1 gel for wavy hair is the Umberto Giannini Curl Jelly . An incredibly light gel that gives your curls a medium to strong hold.

Umberto Giannini Curl Jelly Gel

Are you looking for extreme hold? Then the following products are recommended: Super Hold Styler from Boucleme or LA Hold Gel .

CG Mask for wavy hair

And last but not least, it is also useful to add a mask to your routine. It is often said that a mask would be too heavy for (slightly) wavy hair. But, did you know that there are tricks to still get the benefits of a mask and prevent your hair from becoming too heavy?

You can do this, among other things, by applying the dirty deep co method. Finally, you can always experiment with a mask for wavy hair. Because for one person the mask may be too heavy, while someone else has no problem with it. Try the dirty deep co, but also try applying the mask to damp hair after washing.

Giovanni's Nutrafix is ​​a good choice if you have wavy hair.

Giovanni Nutra Fix Reconstructor

CG Oil

We also think this is an important product! Because the oil is also often thought to be too heavy for wavy hair. But, did you know that nowadays there are many new types of oil available that can also be used with finer and looser curl patterns? This is because against words blended oils are made instead of pure oils, which can be too heavy.

If you have healthy hair and you want to try an oil, this is a very good option: The Scrunching oil from Curly Secret

Curly Secret Scrunching oil

If you have dyed hair or if your hair is damaged or really wants extra care, you can choose Curlsmith's Bonding oil .

Other CG Styling products for wavy hair

In addition to the above products, you can also choose a mousse/foam or a cream within your wavy hair routine. With a cream for wavy curls it is useful to start with small amounts. In addition, with wavy hair it is useful to choose either a cream or a leave-in, both may be too heavy for your hair. Experiment with this!

Tools within your wavy hair routine

In addition to the right CG products, it is also very important to add certain tools to your wavy hair routine. With certain tools you can get even more out of your curls.

Denman Brush D3 for curl definition

The Denman D3 is highly recommended. This brush is specially designed to create more curl definition. In addition, with this brush you can also ensure that you get extra volume.

Denman D3 brush

Microfiber curls towel for curls

Did you know that when you apply gel to towel-dried hair, the gel may come into its own better? Have you washed your hair? Then apply your leave-in conditioner to soaking wet hair. Then pat your hair dry with a microfiber towel for curls or wrap your hair briefly in the towel. This will remove the excess water from your hair and you can start using the gel. It is important that you use a microfiber towel during this process. This will not damage your hair. Curls deserve extra protection when it is damp. With a cotton towel you can cause damage that causes other frizzy hair and more brittle hair.

micro fiber towel

We hope that with this blog we have given you a better idea of ​​what kind of CG Products you can use with waves.

Want to see more products that fit into your waivy hair routine? Then view this collection (all hair care for wavy's)

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