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Since July 2021 we are an official partner of OUITY† Shop your favorite items now. We have included all CG Variants from Ouidad in our range. Ouidad to be pronounced: we-dad is a curl expert with its own hair care line and a brand that also has physical salons in the United States, Canada and Curaçao. She opened her first salon in 1984, after emigrating from Lebanon to the United States. From the very beginning, Ouidad has been a salon that focuses on curls. She thought women should feel free to show their curls. Ouidad Each curl has its own structure that reflects the shape of the curl. Ouidad defines curls as follows: wavy hair, loose curls, curls and coily curls. In recent years she has created a line for every curl type that suits all curl types. Because every curl type needs a different care. The Ouidad philosophy knows your curls inside out to ensure your curls stay hydrated, healthy and radiant. All Ouidad hair products are made with the most advanced ingredients. With decades of experience, the products have been strongly developed and you can be sure that you can improve your curls with an ouidad hair product. Your curl pattern will come out better, your hair will be stronger and shinier. Ouidad believes that curls are beautiful, you have to show them. At Ouidad, they are dedicated to curls, in any form. Ouidad CG Products Ouidad has an extremely extensive range, from curl shampoos to leave-in conditioners for curly hair. Not all hair products fit within the CG method. So, do you follow the CG Method? and would you like to use Ouidad products? Then you have come to the right place. We have carefully selected all CG products of the brand for you, so that you can be sure that you use the CG products of the brand for the care of your curls. We currently have the 2 most popular curly girl gels in our range, and you will also find the popular refresh spray on our website. Ouidad has received many awards for its products in the past year, the last prize they have won is the Glamor award of 2019. So you can be sure that with Ouidad you have the right cg products in your hands.