In this collection you will find wavy hair products which are suitable for anyone with a looser curl pattern.
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What are the best wavy hair products?

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What are the best wavy hair products?

The best hair products for wavy hair are generally lightweight products. Light products are often free of many oils and butters. These ingredients may be in it, but preferably not too much. We have selected all light wavy hair products for you within this collection. With each article you will see that the 1st 5 ingredients often consist of water and extracts. Do you see a butter or an oil further down in the ingredients? That's not a bad thing, because the 1st 5 ingredients of a product determine whether it is heavy or not.

NB! it is important not to be guided by the substance of a particular article. Sometimes a cream or gel can feel thick or heavy, but that says nothing about how heavy a product is.

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