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Bee loop they understand the needs of curly hair and the difficulties of dealing with it on a daily basis. It requires nourishing and penetrating ingredients to achieve the care of curly hair. That's why Boucleme has a simple 3-step system for cleaning, caring and defining. It gives you beautiful, shiny and nourished curls. They provide total care for curly hair. loop We passionately care about curly hair and the planet we inhabit. Therefore used loop fair trade ingredients where possible. All packaging can be recycled and the product ingredients are biodegradable, making Boucléme safe for the environment as well as for the body. The products are not tested on animals. Founder Michelle started Boucleme out of a desire to have healthy, frizz-free curls using only natural ingredients. She was frustrated with sulfate and silicone. She removed the moisture and weighed down her curls. Boucleme was born out of a love and respect for curls and waivy hair. Boucleme CG Products We have put together a wide range especially for you with the best products from Boucleme. All products fit within the curly girl movement. It varies from a shampoo for curls to a curling cream, you will also find a hair mask for curls here. All this to optimally care for your curls. A special product from the Boucleme collection is the Revive 5 Hair oil. This is a hair oil that you can use in different ways to boost your natural curls. It is a light oil that does not weigh down your curls. For example, you can use it to scrunch out the cast that you get from the curly girl gel. In short, definitely worth a try!

23 products shown
23 products shown