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Curly Girl (CG) Methode

Create your Curly Girl hair routine!

What is the CG method?

Are you blessed with beautiful curls and do you want to give your hair the care it deserves? The Curly Girl (CG) Methode helps you get the most out of your curls!

How to start the CG method?

Wavy hair, curls or a coily hair type? Anyone can start with the CG method. Because every curl is different, we determine the right products together based on your hair type.


Blow me away!


Life has to be accessorized!


World of difference!

Washed my hair twice now with the starter package, after the first time it made a world of difference. My hair is less frizzy and starts to curl from my scalp, which was not the case before.

In one word 'recommended'!

CurlyTools is a fantastic site that is not only focused on selling products, but also providing information for just starting Curly Girls.

Great products and fast service!

Ordered twice via CurlyTools and always delivered quickly. Also a well-arranged website. I am satisfied!