Do you follow the CG Method and do you suffer from greasy hair? That is annoying, you probably want to wash it more often but the complaints keep coming back. How do you get out of here?

How does greasy hair develop?

Oily hair can develop in many ways. You may naturally be more prone to it than other people, but hormones can also affect how oily your hair is. In addition, the products you use can also have an influence. 

Tips for oily hair

1. First of all, less washing is not the solution for solving greasy hair. Anyone can suffer from greasy hair, some people are (unfortunately) more prone to it than others. By washing it more often, the oiliness cannot increase. You can safely wash it more often, as long as you do this with a mild cleanser because this is often more pleasant for many than walking around with greasy hair all week! Do you want to wash it more often? When washing, really focus on the scalp and do not always include the lengths with the 2nd or 3rd wash. Or apply a little oil to protect the lengths of hair while washing.

2. You may be using too heavy products with a lot of oil and butters. Are there more than 2 ingredients such as oil or butter in the 1st 5 ingredients of your hair product? Then the product may be heavy. Look for water-based products that contain a lot of extracts. 

3. You can use a shampoo with a stronger cleanser once a month. Please note, you should not use this shampoo too often as it can dry out your hair! 

4. Do you spend a lot of time in your hair? Try not to do this again! This can also make you feel greasy more quickly. 

5. Switch shampoos and conditioners that can sometimes work wonders! 


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