Wat te doen bij vet haar tijdens de CG Methode?

What to do with oily hair during the CG Method?

It can be very annoying if you have oily hair . You probably have the tendency to wash your hair more often, but the complaints keep returning. In this blog you can read how you can get rid of hair.

What is oily hair?

If someone has oily hair, you can sometimes tell because the hair becomes more shiny and may even appear damp. Our scalp naturally creates a kind of barrier to protect it and keep the pH balance in order. This barrier can also be called naturally produced scalp oil, or 'sebum' in English. Our sebaceous glands produce this oil, and for certain reasons they can produce sebum excessively quickly, making you want to wash it again because of the greasy look.

A fable about greasy hair

Did you know that the biggest myth among oily hair is the fact that you get more oily hair? This is incorrect, because with oily hair it is more about the speed at which sebum is produced.

How does oily hair develop?

Oily hair can arise in many ways. It is often difficult to really pinpoint one cause. We list the common causes:


Are you pregnant, have you just given birth, are you going through puberty or are you taking certain medications? It could very well be that the balance between your hormones has been disrupted.

You use a shampoo without a cleansing ingredient

There are many natural shampoos that state that they do not contain sulphates. However, did you know that a shampoo without any cleansing ingredients can cause long-term problems? In our webshop we offer many good alternatives to regular sulphates.

You often wear a hat or hat

If you often wear a hat or hat, the heat that accumulates on the scalp can lead to an increase in sebum production. This is especially true for tight-fitting hats that are worn for long periods of time.

You are using products that are too heavy or oil-based

You may not actually be bothered by greasy hair, but it may seem that way. One cause may be that you are using products that are too heavy. You can clearly see this by checking the label of your hair product for ingredients such as butters and oils.

You use 100% natural products

Do you use DIY products such as an apple cider vinegar rinse or apply coconut oil to your hair? Then the pH balance may no longer be in order. These complaints often do not arise immediately, but in the longer term.

Temperature differences

Large temperature differences can also affect oily hair. This especially happens when you go from a cold environment to a very warm environment, for example.

Tips to get rid of oily hair

Use a mild shampoo

Another myth about oily hair: washing less is not always the solution. Problems can continue to arise no matter how little you wash it. Do you continuously use a strong cleansing shampoo and are you perhaps more prone to greasy hair? Then we recommend that you occasionally use a strong cleansing shampoo and mainly a mild shampoo .

Switch to other products

Maybe you are using products that are too heavy with a lot of oil and butters. Are there more than two ingredients such as oil or butter in the first five ingredients of your hair product? Then the product may be too heavy. Look for products that are water-based and contain lots of extracts.

Who knows, you may have been using the same shampoo for years. Switching shampoo and conditioner can sometimes work wonders!

Clarifying Wash

We already gave this tip partly earlier in this text. You can use a shampoo with a stronger cleanser once a month. Please note, you should not use this shampoo too often, because it can dry out your hair!

Stay away from your hair!

Do you spend a lot of time with your hands on your hair at work? Try not to do this, because this could really be a reason why you get a greasy feeling more quickly and which makes you wash your hair sooner and possibly cause excessive sebum production.

Clean your hair brush!

Do you brush your hair with a brush that you have had for a long time? Or is it clear to you that your brush is dirty? Wash it immediately! Because these leftovers can end up in your hair while brushing, giving you a greasy feeling.

Use a scalp brush

Did you know that a scalp brush can really help you to properly massage a shampoo, but that it also helps for a healthier scalp?

Someone who uses a scalp brush in damp hair with shampoo in it

Which products help against an oily scalp?

In addition to the right shampoo and conditioner, we have various products that can help you with oily skin, these are the following:

Hopefully you will be able to take the first steps to get rid of greasy hair. Do you have any questions? Please let us know!

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