CG Wax

One wax is a product that you can place in the list of styling products. But why would you choose a wax and what is the difference between a gel, for example? The main difference is that a wax or paste contains less water, it is slightly greasy than a gel. CG Wax One CG Wax you rarely come across, because the real 'wax' in wax is in principle not CG. Fortunately, in recent years, variants have been developed that are CG and resemble a wax, without the wax! Do you still get it? :) Wax will style your hair and for many it is a game changer for frizz and extra hold. In terms of substance, the wax is very different from a gel. You can often get gels in a liquid form, a wax or paste is in a jar and is firmer. Which CG wax is right for me? Which wax is right for you depends on your wishes and your hair type and texture. Wax can be used by everyone, but in our small collection we do have a handy tip. Do you have medium to fine hair? Then the Curls pastes are recommended. Are you looking for extra strength? Then Giovanni's Wax is highly recommended.

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