Are you looking for CG products to your hair styling† Then you've come to the right place! Within this collection you will find literally everything to perfectly style your curls according to the Curly Girl Methode (CG Methode)† You use styling products to improve your curls to define and give it hold. It is really a must have as curly. Because with styling products you can really get everything out of your curls. 

CG Products to style your hair

If you follow the Curly Girl Method, you will come into contact with many different products and perhaps also products that you have not used before. We will take you along and explain to you which article is suitable for you and when you can use it. 

Which CG Products are there to style your hair?

do you have your hair crops in catered† You can then start styling your curls with the following CG products:

  • CG Gel: Ensures that your curls hold and get the perfect and especially frizz-free shape. A gel is available in different hold levels. 
  • CG Creme: A cream is a product that allows your gel to activate even better and also prevents frizzy hair. A cream often gives a soft to medium hold. 
  • CG Mousse: In addition to a gel and cream, gives your curls extra hold, body and texture.
  • CG Refreshspray: Activates your hair products between washing days and gives your curls a boost. 
  • CG Root & Hairspray: Looking for extra hold or do you want more volume? Then you can use a CG Root or hairspray.
  • CG Wax: Wax is often not CG, but can't you say goodbye to it? Fortunately, we have a collection with CG Wax articles!

Finished styling or looking for styling aids that can improve your curl pattern? Then get started with special tools for curls! For example, think of a special brush for styling your curls or a microfibre towel especially for curls. 

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