Curly Secret Miracle Styling Foam


From Curly Secret Miracle Styling Foam is a light product that gives a strong hold to your curls with a fast drying time. Your curls will be perfect in no time and combining with an extra gel is therefore not a must. 

From Curly Secret Foam is made with the very best ingredients. It nourishes your hair and gives your curls an ultimate hold that will last for a long time. With this foam you don't have to worry about it letting your curls sag. 

  • For any curl type and texture
  • Gives extra hold  
  • Protein
  • 150ML
Difference from the Curly Secret Miracle Styling Foam

A foam is still available within the Curly Secret collection. The Curly Secret Volumizing Curl Foam† Are you looking for a foam that gives a little more volume? Then the Curly Secret Volumizing Curl Foam may be a better product for you. 

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