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Sibel is the brand for the most useful tools for all types of hair and curls. Since 1964, Sibel has been making various tools aimed at the use of hairdressers, but also for people at home. From paint brushes to rubber bands, are you looking for a tool for your curls? Then you can definitely find it at Sibel! Sibel Sibel sells thousands of hair tools. The quality of Sibel is very durable, and specially designed for frequent use and daily use for both home and salon. At Sibel we are convinced that your success as a hair and beautician is based on real experience and knowledge. That's why we want to be a partner that delivers timeless quality, inspires you and you can rely on, so you can get the best out of yourself. Sibel CG Products We like to keep the range clear. We only add tools and hair care that we stand behind 100%. So are the tools from sibel. In the collection you will find a number of products that can help you achieve more volume and they also make it a lot easier for you! Looking for a handy tool? Then Sibel is a solution!

1 product shown
1 product shown