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The final wash of XHC is indispensable in your curly girl method. When you start with the curly girl method, it is important that you first do a final wash to wash all product leftovers from your old products from your hair. You do this with the final wash from XHC. XHC This final wash from XHC you use it once when you start with the girly curl method. This way the curly girl products that you use afterwards have a better chance to absorb and nourish your hair with what it needs. It is wise to save the shampoo for the future if, for example, you accidentally used a product that was not curly girl. XHC CG Products At CurlyTools we have a variant of the XHC final wash shampoo. This contains tea tree. When you have washed with this shampoo you can continue with your CG curly girl shampoo, CG conditioner and the rest of the CG products that care for your hair.

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1 product shown