Final - Wash for the CG Method of XHC


Do you want to start with the CG method? Then use a final-wash† This shampoo from XHC is perfect for this. The shampoo contains sulfates that ensure that all product residues from your 'old' products disappear from your hair. This shampoo is therefore the first step you take within the CG Method. 

Please note: you only use this shampoo once! Keep the shampoo! Who knows, handy for the future (for example if you accidentally use a non-cg product or when you dye your hair)!

  • Suitable for everyone who wants to start with the CG Method
  • For all types of curls and textures
Why do you use the final wash shampoo once?

You use a final wash once because it is 'non-cg' because it contains sulfates. 

How often do I use the final wash?

Basically you use it once. Do you use a non-cg product or do you occasionally dye your hair? Then it is useful to use the final wash again. 

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