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Mistspray water atomizer Lila

This one Lila Mistspray water atomizer especially for curly hair is waiting for you! It is indispensable in your curly girl routine as you can use it in several ways. Say bye bye to your boring atomizer and hello too this lilac atomizer! Use it during your refresh day or on your wash day while styling to get more curl definition. 

Why is this water spray unique? This is because the water from this spray atomizes more evenly. This means you can moisturize your hair faster and better than any other spray. It is also easy to hold, with a few squirts, your curls are well moistened and ready to be styled. 

  • Takes care of constant in even nebulization
  • More effective than a plant sprayer 
  • Is useful in use, can also be used upside down
  • The atomizer can hold 300ML of water
  • Nice cheerful color lilac! 
How do you use the Mist spray water atomizer Lilac?

Use it during your refresh day: Just got out of bed and want to bring your curls back to life? Pick up the strands of your hair that need a boost. Does your hair need an extra piss? Then spray some water on the other strands. 

Use it while styling: Did you know that it is sometimes better to add more water than adding more gel or another styling product? Apply your gel to towel-dried hair and then spray some water over the hair (this can be a generous amount of water). Be sure to hear a squeeze sound from the water. Can't you hear that? Then use a little more water! Then squeeze out the excess water with your hands or with a microfibre towel. The result? Even nicer clumps/curl definition. 

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