Treluxe was founded by Kiprono and Cortney, two people who had been in the hairdressing business for years. They were concerned about a major problem they saw in the market: curly hair was not considered as valuable as straight hair. As a result, most hair products were not made with curls in mind. This is how Treluxe was born, an idea that should give every type of curls the chance to shine. With high-quality products and a wide range, they wanted to have something for everyone. Treluxe All products from Treluxe his curly girl. They are formulated with all-natural, plant-based ingredient blends that provide functional benefits including curl definition, moisture and strengthening. Premium salon quality offers everything your curls need with a product line of 4 easy steps. Treluxe products offer a complete sensory experience through delicious aromatic scents, soft and effective ingredients and unique packaging. Treluxe at CurlyTools In our CurlyTools range we have 5 products from Treluxe. This ranges from a curly girl gel to a curly girl shampoo. Also in the range is a curling cream. This is a wonderfully scented cream that protects and moisturizes your curls well. The curl cream gives your curls a medium hold, improves the texture and prevents frizz. Compared to the curly girl gel, the curling cream gives a softer feeling. The cream will not weigh down your curls.