You started with the curly hair method, but come across all the words you've never heard of? That's not crazy at all! In this blog we explain what a hair mask can do for your curls. You can also call a CG hair mask for curls a deepco. This is an English name that is also often used by Dutch women with curly hair. The abbreviation stands for: Deep Conditioner. Below I explain to you what a deepco for curls stands for.

Hair mask for curls

Deepco, oftewel deep conditioner or CG hair mask for curls is an important part of your curly hair method. It is a conditioner that penetrates even deeper into the hair and is extra caring. You can see it as a kind of extra treatment to dry and damaged curly hair to recover. You use a CG mask to optimally care for your curls and to stimulate your natural curls. It also gives more shine and hold to your curls or wavy hair. 

Where in cg method do you use a mask?

As mentioned above, a cg mask is a cg product that you can use to make your hair stronger and more powerful. It's an important part that you add to your curly hair method routine to get the most out of your curls. You can use a CG Mask weekly. Do you have finer hair? then you can also choose to do the mask once every 2 weeks or 3 weeks. It is useful to experiment with what it can do for your hair. 

CG Mask with or without protein?

Before you start using a deep conditioner, check your hair properties† Your hair characteristics say something about how your curls are doing. It is important that you know whether your hair needs more moisture or protein. 

Is your hair very brittle and rough to the touch? Then you probably have too much protein, choose a deep-co with moisture to replenish this balance. It often takes a while before your hair can absorb the moisturizing ingredients, patience is a virtue. A sealing oil can help to 'seal' and trap the moisture in your hair. This allows your clothes to retain the moisture longer.

Does your hair fall out quickly and does it feel super soft and heavy? Then you may have too much moisture have. Then use a deep conditioner with protein. This gives you a little more 'hold' and firmness to your natural curls. 

Before you start using a deepco, check your hair properties† It is important that you know whether your hair needs moisture or protein. 

CG Method Steps for Using a CG Mask

There are several ways to use a deep conditioner for your curls. 

The basics: How do you use a deep conditioner? 

Apply your deepco to soaking wet hair after washing and leave it for such a 20-30 minutes move in. Then put on a shower cap, or a plastic bag if you don't have a shower cap. You can also put a towel over it. This way you create heat and that ensures that the product absorbs even better. Then rinse it with cold water to close your hair cuticles. 

What is a dirty deepco and how does it work?

Dirty deepco is also another option you can do. This means that you apply the deepco to dry hair. After you let it soak in for 20-30 minutes, wash it and then use a conditioner. This is exactly the other way around as you normally would.  

How do you use a hair mask for curls with other cg products? 

GAlways use a conditioner or deepco/hair mask after your curly girl shampoo. A curly girl shampoo opens your hair cuticles, conditioner or mask closes them again. 

Top 3 hair masks for curls

Aunt Jackie's Tress Boost Blackberry & Castor Hair Growth Masque

This mask is our most popular deep conditioner for curls. It can be used for every hair type, so for curls, coily and wavy hair. In addition, it has a nice price, namely 12.95 and the mask contains protein

Foto van een cg masker van aunt jackie 

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Curl Flo Mango Butter Deep Conditioner 

This ultra moisturizing deep conditioner from Curl Flo is protein free. Curl Flo uses completely organic and natural ingredients. This product from Curl Flo can be used by everyone. This product is 22.50 so it is slightly more expensive than the no. 1 and 3 of our top 3 for hair masks. It is in fact more concentrated (with a little bit of this product, you already have a big effect) and contains more natural ingredients compared to the other 2 in this top 3.

Curl flo Deep conditioner foto

Check out this cg mask for curls in our webshop 

Yari Green Curls Deep Treatment Mask
The Yari Green Curls Deep Treatment Mask is the ultimate mask to moisturize and soften your hair. It gives your hair a boost due to the rich ingredients such as avocado to forest and acai berry. This product contains no protein. Compared to its 2 predecessors, this product also has a very good price-quality ratio. It is a mask that can be used for all hair types. It has the most number of ML, for the price of 10.95. 

Foto van het yari green masker

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More information about CG Products 

Are you still unsure about your hair characteristics? Then we are happy to provide you with more information about determining your hair characteristics in the blog: How do you choose the right CG Products?

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