Hoe werkt een haarmasker voor krullen?

How does a hair mask for curls work?

A hair mask for curls is also often called deep conditioner . A hair mask gives your hair optimal nutrition, shine and ensures the moisture balance in your hair.

A hair mask is a must for curly hair. You have probably seen it before if you are already familiar with the CG Method . It's part of your routine, it gives your hair an extra boost and nourishment. But why is a mask actually good, what is it and does it work for you?

What does a hair mask for curls do?

Deepco, or deep conditioner or hair mask for curls, is an important part of the CG Method . It is a conditioner that penetrates the hair even deeper and provides extra care. You can see it as an extra treatment to repair dry and damaged curly hair. But it is not only important for these hair types.

Do I need a hair mask for finer hair?

Everyone benefits from a hair mask, whether you have fine, medium or thick hair. It has extra benefit if your hair has often been chemically treated or really damaged. In addition, many swimmers or people who often spend time outdoors benefit more from a mask than if your hair is less exposed to external influences. But at its core, it's a must-have product to give your hair a boost, even if you do this once every two weeks.

What are the benefits of a hair mask?

If you use a hair mask regularly, for example every week or once every two weeks, you will notice that frizz and dry hair are reduced. Think of it as a hydration boost with lots of nourishing ingredients.

Other benefits of a hair mask are:

  • More shine
  • Less frizzy hair
  • Extra hydration
  • Makes your hair stronger

    When do you use a hair mask?

    A mask is a product that you can use to make your hair stronger and more powerful. Getting the most out of your curls is an important part of your routine. You can use a CG mask weekly.

    Most women use a hair mask after washing their hair with a shampoo. Have you rinsed out the shampoo? Then you can get started with the mask.

    A mask is also often used when the final wash has been done. So, haven't you started yet? Always use a mask after the final wash. Have you dyed your hair or accidentally used a non-CG product? Then do a final wash again and use a hair mask with protein to nourish your hair properly again.

    Use a hair mask for wavy hair or finer hair

    Do you have finer hair or waves? Then you can choose to use the mask once every two or three weeks. Or you apply the hair mask to slightly damp to dry hair before washing your hair. This is also called a dirty deep-co , and works in the following way:

    This is how you do a dirty-deep co for curls:

    1. Apply the mask to dry or slightly damp hair
    2. Let it sit for at least 10 to 30 minutes
    3. Then rinse it completely
    4. Apply the shampoo and then rinse completely
    5. Then apply the conditioner and rinse completely
    6. Continue your routine with your leave-in and stylers!

    It's useful to experiment with this to see what it does for your hair. So use the mask before washing and also after shampooing.

    When is it better to skip a mask?

    Have you already used a conditioner during your wash? we recommend skipping your hair mask that time. Your hair can sometimes get too much of a good thing, this is called overconditioning .

    Does a DIY hair mask for curls work?

    From raw egg to mayonnaise and olive oil, these types of ingredients are often used for a DIY hair mask to make hair stronger. But did you know that this is of no use at all for your curls? The proteins in these ingredients are often much too large to penetrate your hair. So you rinse them out again, and in the end your hair is not stronger. And we haven't even talked about the smell yet! So a no-go!

    What is the best mask for curls?

    Before you use a deep conditioner, first find out your hair properties . Your hair properties say something about the condition of your curls. It is important that you know whether your hair needs more moisture or protein.

    Is your hair very brittle and rough to the touch? Then you probably have too much protein, choose a deep-co with moisture (protein free) to replenish this balance. It often takes a while before your hair can absorb the moisturizing ingredients, patience is a virtue. A sealing oil can help to 'seal' and retain the moisture in your hair. This allows your curls to retain moisture longer.

    Hair mask for curls with protein

    Does your hair fall out quickly and does it feel super soft and heavy? Then you may have too much moisture. Then use a deep conditioner with protein. This gives you more 'hold' and firmness in your natural curls.

    Hair mask for curls without protein

    Do you have any complaints as described above? Then feel free to opt for a mask without protein.

    How to use a hair mask for curls?

    There are different ways to use a deep conditioner for your curls.

    The basics: How do you use a deep conditioner? 

    After washing, apply your deep-co to soaking wet hair and let it sit for about 20-30 minutes. Then put on a shower cap, or use a plastic bag if you don't have a shower cap. You can put a towel over that. This way you create heat and that ensures that the product is absorbed even better. Then rinse it with water to close your hair cuticles.

    How do you use a hair mask for curls with other CG products?

    Always use a conditioner or deep conditioner/hair mask after your curly girl shampoo . A curly girl shampoo opens your hair cuticles, conditioner or mask closes them again. This protects your hair, because your hair is extra vulnerable during washing because it is damp.

    Best hair masks for curls

    1. Aunt Jackie's Tress Boost Blackberry & Castor Hair Growth Masque

    The Aunt Jackie's Tress Boost is our most popular deep conditioner for curls. It can be used for all hair types, including curls, coily and wavy hair. This mask also benefits in promoting hair growth.

    2. Curlsmith Strength Recipes Multi-tasking Conditioner

    The Curlsmith Multi-tasking Conditioner is perfect for anyone who has damaged hair or wants to give their curls a real boost. You can also use this product as a conditioner or leave-in.

    Curlsmith Strength Recipes Multi-Tasking Conditioner

    Do you want to know more about hair masks? Then leave a comment. Would you like to see more hair masks? Discover them all .

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