Sulfates in hair products

sulfates we avoid within the CG Method. Sulfates are extremely strong cleaners. You can find them everywhere these days: in your dishwashing liquid, body soap or floor cleaner and even, in many shampoos. But what exactly are sulfates, and how do you recognize them? 

Sulfates in hair products

As indicated above, sullates are found in, for example, cleaning agents and your shampoo. This combination will make you think, because your hair doesn't want to clean your hair with an ingredient that you also use to clean your kitchen? And that's exactly why we want to avoid them. 

Sulfates ensure that your hair is stripped. This means that the sulfates ensure that in addition to the dirt that you do want to remove from your scalp, it also removes the naturally created skin oils (sebum, or in Dutch: Talg). Sebum protects your skin from dehydration, it keeps your skin and hair supple. 

Your scalp therefore produces oil to protect your scalp. And by washing your hair every time with a sulfate shampoo, your hair dries out. Dry hair is often weak and more brittle. In addition, your hair will be less able to grow. 

Examples of sulfates 

Often sulfates end in: sulfate, sulfonate, sulphate. 

  • Alkyl  benzene sulfonate
  • Ammonium, laureth sulfate
  • Sodium cetearyl sulfate
  • Tea lauryl sulfate

There are still a few exceptions, these are methosulfate. This sounds like, but you can just use this ingredient.

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