Yes, this is certainly possible! Unfortunately, most types of hair dye are not CG but, if you take care of your hair in the right way, you can limit the damage. 

Which hair dye is CG?

Most variants are non-CG. There are certain Henna paint variants to be found, which are CG. Unfortunately, henna is not always able to cover your hair well and it can fade quickly so many opt for the standard types of hair dye that you can find at the hairdresser and at the drugstore. 

Tips when dyeing your hair

  1. Do you not have much experience with dyeing your hair yet? Consult a hairdresser in your area to have the treatment performed. We always advise you to go to a hairdresser to lighten your hair. 
  2. Do you want extra protection during hair dyeing? Then you can go to the hairdresser for an extra Olaplex treatment. 
  3. Do you want to darken your hair? Keep in mind that in some cases your hair can turn out darker than desired. Always adhere to the processing time as described. Do you have porous hair? Then your hair can also darken faster. Have you dyed your hair a number of times and do you actually want to keep the same color of your hair? Then go for a shade lighter. The paint can build up on your hair, making it a bit darker every time. 
  4. Are you in doubt but would you still like to get started with hair dye at home? Choose from a rinseable (not permanent) hair dye. Often these types of paint last 28 washes. 
  5. Add a treatment to your routine. The best thing you can do for this Using Curlsmith's Bond Salve
  6. Check your current shampoo, is it color safe? We have created a special collection here. 

You dyed your hair, how do you proceed with the CG Method?

After a few days you can do another final wash. Wait at least 3 days otherwise your label may fade. After the final wash, apply a mask and follow the steps as you normally would: leave-in, gel, etc. Then you can safely get back to work with your CG Method products. Are you going to paint it again? Then follow these steps again! 


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